Birth Brite Foster Closet



                                                                    Did you know? 

More than half of foster parents quit fostering within the first year. 


There are a lack of foster families out there, we need to let them 
know that they are not alone... and regardless, we need to be here to support the children.


Birth Brite fulfills a need for services specific to the foster care community.

Join us and together we can forge a path of positive change.










Birth Brite Foster Closet offers clothing, shoes, toys, diapers, wipes, hygiene items, and so much more. It's like a store, except everything is free! We stock a wide variety of items for children and families, then make these items available by appointment, at events we host, and by pickup or delivery.


To request items through contactless pickup or delivery you can fill out our form here


A foster closet provides items at zero cost to foster children and their caregiver. When items are requested we often
refer to it as "shopping" or "shopping request". We say this because a foster closet allows for a shopping like experience without any cost involved.