Birth Brite Foster Closet

Birth Brite Company inc


The mission of Birth Brite is to deliver hope and joy to children experiencing foster care.



Birth Brite Company Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded to provide innovative programs and services for children experiencing foster care.


Birth Brite prompts and promotes positive change and action within the foster care system. 



why we're here



Birth Brite fulfills a need for services specific to the foster care community.


Did you know?  Nearly half of foster parents quit fostering within their first year. 

Many factors contribute to this, but a few common reasons include: lack of support, burnout, and unnecessary challenges encountered by foster parents who are willing to accept placements that require special care.



 Our consultants break down barriers, advocating for children and families, working to ensure each and every individual child served receives quality programs and services to help support and elevate.

Providing programs and services that equate to people being more than numbers on paper.

Working together to identify barriers; from making connections to providing viable solutions for our clients; reshaping old ideas into a new, implementing new programs and services.


Because we believe that people equate to more than numbers on paper.





What we do



Birth Brite Company Inc offers real-time viable solutions to the widespread issues related to the foster care system.

Our programs and services prompt and promote change while encouraging resiliency. Increasing positive outcomes for youth in care while helping to restore their dignity.


Our organization provides safe outlets for expression, gives tools for creativity, helps prevent placement disruptions, supports licensed foster home retention, promotes literacy, and so much more.







Birth Brite Cares


Our consultants connect the dots between service and support providing real-time solutions so that children and families can heal.


We ensure our programs and services support children, youth, and young adults placed into the foster care system. 


 Kindness, comfort and relief go hand in hand with the services, tools and resources we provide.


Everyone deserves hope. Everyone deserves value.

How did you find us?  

meet our founders

Children and families, collaborating in our shared and individual experiences during our time as foster parents. The lack of services specific to the foster community is shocking, and it’s even worse for relative caregivers. So, we started Birth Brite after fostering and there is just so much to do. But we can do something, together we can help one another by starting with the children.