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Birth Brite Company Inc


The mission of Birth Brite is to deliver hope and joy to children in foster care.


Birth Brite Company Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Jackson, Michigan. 


Our programs include Birth Brite Foster Closet and Brite Bound Literacy.


why we're here



Birth Brite fulfills a need for services specific to the foster care community.


Did you know?  Nearly half of foster parents quit fostering within their first year. 

Many factors contribute to this, but a few common reasons include: lack of support, burnout, and unnecessary challenges encountered by foster parents who are willing to accept placements that require special care.


"By providing access to new and gently used items entirely for free through our foster closet, we are able to meet the immediate needs of children in crisis as they enter foster care. We want to be sure that the children have the basic items they need, as well as comfort items; and to know that they are valued, worthy and cared for. This goal also works along with helping foster parents know that they are not alone, and that there is a supportive resource they can utilize, so they are not left to go shop for items every time they accept a new child into their home."

Monique Zantop and Tia Parker, co-founders of Birth Brite Company Inc.


What we do



We are a resource and support for foster children and foster families in Michigan. Our non-profit organization offers a tangible solution to widespread issues children in the foster care system often face.

Issues such as: lack of support, limited resources for children residing outside their parental home, and children entering care with little to no belongings of their own.


Birth Brite is the bridge that closes the gap between service and support

Our simple approach and uncomplicated procedures allow us to provide immediate assistance; bringing vital resources directly to foster children in our community. We give access to these resources through Birth Brite Foster Closet.

Wonder what a  foster closet is? A foster closet is a free resource that provides youth in foster care and their caregiver access to gently used and new items.

It costs them no money, there’s no exchange of goods, and items aren’t loaned; everything is theirs to keep.



 Birth Brite Foster Closet provides new and like new clothing, outerwear, shoes, baby gear, books, toys, diapers, wipes and so much more to children placed in the foster care system and to children residing outside of their parental home.

Items are acquired at our foster closet (by appointment), during events we host, and arranged through pickup or delivery.

We are able to provide these items thanks to the generous support of donations from our community, local business support, grant opportunities, and individuals near and far who choose to join our cause.


Phone: (517) 769-0996


EIN 85-3619934


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