What we do


 The Birth Brite Foster Closet provides clothing, outerwear, shoes, baby gear, toys, diapers, wipes and more to youth in need. These items are provided at no cost to the families, and are obtained by appointment, during events we host, and arranged through pickup or delivery. 


 For the Birth Brite Birthday Program, our organization fulfills requests made from referrals submitted on our website, or made by phone. The referrals can be made by qualified community members, including but not limited to: social workers, teachers, local agencies, and foster parents. Once we have the referral information, we then begin work on customizing an age-appropriate gift box filled with toys, decorations, and other essential items. The box is then delivered by our trustees or local volunteers during the month of the child’s birthday. 

Who we are


 Birthbrite is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in Jackson, Michigan.


We are committed to serving our communities most vulnerable members, children in foster care. We also serve at-risk youth, youth in relative and non-relative placements and children adopted from the foster care system.


Additionally we assist in family preservation, by providing basic necessities in emergency situations.




 We are a FREE resource that gives youth and their caregivers access to new and gently used items entirely for free. We provide these items through our foster closet and during special events. Providing families access to these items helps reduce their financial expenses and provides them the opportunity to get much needed items to assist in taking care of the youth in their home.


We have a simple approach that allows us to provide immediate assistance, without long complicated procedures. In addition, we also provide support to youth in foster care by ensuring that their birthday is celebrated. The gift itself provides the opportunity for a positive birthday experience and more importantly it reaffirms that they are valued, worthy and cared for. 

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